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Visualize and protect your critical assets, minimize your downtime.


Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the IT environment.

Cytric Solutions was born to create a better world for the cybersecurity of the organizations.​ Our commitment is to understand your needs, carrying out projects in any industry and executing them with the utmost professionalism, helping you to resist, advance, defeat and overcome the attackers in this new era.

Our mission is to reduce the vulnerability of the digital environment through combined systems of cybersecurity and cyber defense, neutralizing advanced threats, therefore contributing to the improvement of collective security. 

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Cyber Security

As no device is free from malicious attacks in this new cyber era, we provide a wide variety of tools to ensure the security of the assets of your organization, focusing on defending the crown jewels. 

We provide the best and most advanced solutions for industrial systems.

We offer state of the art technology, from The Start Up Nation (Israel) to Latin America. 

Cyber Defense

We provide active-passive, proactive, preventive and reactive defense tools to ensure the proper use of cyberspace, denying the entry to malicious entities. 

We seek to neutralize probable and imminent threats with actionable intelligence through solutions that combine data collection and analysis operations.

Smart Cities

We provide solutions that help cities to be at the forefront of technology, raising the safety and quality of life of the inhabitants with cutting-edge tools.

We transform each space into a source of information to interact directly with the city's infrastructure and monitor the the evolution of its assets and its community in real time, in order to improve operational efficiency and react proactively to possible problems.

We allow the interaction of connected devices, obtaining and transferring data in the networks of organizations.

Internet of Things

Such interactions are generated automatically through processes diagrammed by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, assisting in decision making, even in real time. 

Our IoT solutions cover the entire life cycle of analysis, from the collection and discovery of data to the implementation of actions based on that analysis.

Professional Services

Our professional services include the customization and implementation of each brand based on the needs of each client.

Determined to meet the highest expectations, we seek to improve productivity and increase revenues, making our team available to ensure the success of each project.

We also provide consulting services for events or leaks of information in your organization.


Q6 Cyber es una empresa de Threat Intelligence innovadora y de rápido crecimiento que supervisa el "subterráneo" digital para recopilar inteligencia especifica y accionable relacionada a ciberataques, actividad fraudulenta y brechas de datos existentes de sus clientes en modalidad de servicio. 

Q6 Cyber ​​is an innovative and rapidly growing Threat Intelligence company that oversees the digital "subway" to gather specific and actionable intelligence related to cyber attacks, fraudulent activity and existing data breaches of its clients as a service.

Logo Q6.jpg

Vicarius helps SMEs protect critical apps and assets against software exploitation with the world's first all-in-one vulnerability management platform designed for CISOs, MSSPs and IT Admins. Vicarius's powerful solutions ensure regulatory compliance and top-tier, military-grade cyber protection. 


Claroty protects industrial control networks from cyberattacks, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the most critical infrastructures in the world. We allow customers to enjoy the substantial benefits of control systems without compromising operational resilience, staff safety or the safety of major assets. With Claroty, your cybersecurity and engineering teams are equipped with a solution that allow you to visualize and understand exactly what is happening in your complex industrial control network. This means more stability and less downtime for your critical OT environments.

The Anti Drones Solution by D-Fend combines wireless and cyber signal processing techniques to take control of commercial drones' communication links without causing spectral interference, creating a safe zone where only authorized drones can fly. 

Sixgill focuses on understanding the criminal environment of the Web Dark and the people who run their operations. Many cyber-criminals have developed technology to prevent detection of trackers and hide networks where they exchange information. Our methods of active defense analyze contextual and situational risk factors of organizations depending on their specific threat environment. In the process, we provide actionable intelligence in real time.

CyberHat provides professional cybersecurity solutions that generate practical and active defenses, allowing customers to grow their business while maintaining a secure environment for their operation. CyberHat designed, developed and operates CYREBRO, a unique Smart SOC as a service.

Logo cyberhat.png

Waterfall Security Solutions makes you OT network impenetrable. Its patented unidirectional products allow the secure integration of IT / OT, ​​remote monitoring and diagnostics, cloud connectivity and tamper-proof forensic analysis, without the vulnerabilities that tend to come along with Firewalls. Waterfall products are compatible with the widest range of industrial and remote monitoring platforms, applications, databases and protocols in the market. 

mPrest is a global provider of monitoring and control solutions for  Industrial IoT (IIOT), defense, security and service sectors. mPrest offers solutions to integrate multiple complex systems of any scale, from a single installation to a multinational corporation. Committed to providing highly innovative and reliable solutions, mPrest promotes strategic alliances with System Integrators and organizations around the world to improve project performance and reduce the time, cost and risk of project development.

AnyVision shapes the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a better and safer world with the best facial recognition platform in the world. The team consists of Artificial Intelligence designers and security veterans (including former Mossad General Manager, Mr. Tamir Pardo) with more than 20 years of research and experience in the field.

Simplex provides the most accurate and cost-effective 3D mapping service in the market, combining efficient data collection capabilities with a set of state-of-the-art photogrammetric tools. The team is led by some of the best scientists in the field of image processing and geometry.

Cymbiot comes to revolutionize the world of the Internet of Things with a comprehensive solution that allows operating with IoT and video management systems (VMS) from the start, connecting any system or sensor. Using the infrastructure and existing assets of our clients, we minimize implementation times and allow excellent Return on Investment (ROI).

XM Cyber ​​provides organizations the possibility of always being one step ahead of the attackers. Through its fully automated APT simulator, it continuously exposes all possible attack vectors, remedies ongoing vulnerabilities and protects your Crown Jewels.

Sygnia is a boutique company of Cyber ​​Security & Technology that offers high-end consulting and support in response to incidents for organizations around the world. Through technological supremacy, vast experience in digital combat and a great business vision in the Cyber ​​era, it allows organizations to stand out above their competitors. Its main clients are among the Fortune 100.

Syngia logo

Team8, the main Cyber "think tank", develops Israeli disruptive companies that defy the biggest problems in cybersecurity and give organizations the advantage over attackers. We work with leaders and entrepreneurs in innovation together with a research group with in-depth knowledge of Cyber subjects and access to the best talent in the field.

ThetaRay's artificial intelligence solutions identify future problems, discover new opportunities and expose blind spots within increasingly growing complex data sets. Its patented algorithms detect anomalies in real time, radically reduce false positives and discover "unknown unknowns." Thetaray serves financial institutions, industrial manufacturers, aviation companies and critical infrastructure providers internationally.

logo thetaray.png

Kaymera offers government agencies, businesses and SMEs worldwide the most powerful and versatile mobile threat defense platform. With a contextual self-learning risk analysis engine and multi-layer mitigation capabilities at its core, the platform can detect, prevent and protect against any mobile threat, in real time.

logo kaymera.png

Cobwebs Technologies is a global leader in the development and implementation of Web Intelligence solutions (WEBINT) based on AI. The innovative and cutting-edge systems of Cobwebs are designed to adapt to the operational needs of national security agencies and the private sector.

logo cobwebs 2 copy.png

Wave Guard Technologies is a leader in the extraction and analysis of macrodata location information from cell phone networks and provides advanced perception and analysis tools for internal security organizations, emergency services and government agencies.

Logo Waveguard.png


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