Visualize and protect your critical assets, minimize your downtime.


Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the IT environment.

Cytric Solutions was born to create a better world for the cybersecurity of the organizations.​ Our commitment is to understand your needs, carrying out projects in any industry and executing them with the utmost professionalism, helping you to resist, advance, defeat and overcome the attackers in this new era.

Our mission is to reduce the vulnerability of the digital environment through combined systems of cybersecurity and cyber defense, neutralizing advanced threats, therefore contributing to the improvement of collective security. 



Cyber Security

As no device is free from malicious attacks in this new cyber era, we provide a wide variety of tools to ensure the security of the assets of your organization, focusing on defending the crown jewels. 

We provide the best and most advanced solutions for industrial systems.

We offer state of the art technology, from The Start Up Nation (Israel) to Latin America. 

Cyber Defense

We provide active-passive, proactive, preventive and reactive defense tools to ensure the proper use of cyberspace, denying the entry to malicious entities. 

We seek to neutralize probable and imminent threats with actionable intelligence through solutions that combine data collection and analysis operations.

Smart Cities

We provide solutions that help cities to be at the forefront of technology, raising the safety and quality of life of the inhabitants with cutting-edge tools.

We transform each space into a source of information to interact directly with the city's infrastructure and monitor the the evolution of its assets and its community in real time, in order to improve operational efficiency and react proactively to possible problems.

We allow the interaction of connected devices, obtaining and transferring data in the networks of organizations.

Internet of Things

Such interactions are generated automatically through processes diagrammed by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, assisting in decision making, even in real time. 

Our IoT solutions cover the entire life cycle of analysis, from the collection and discovery of data to the implementation of actions based on that analysis.

Professional Services

Our professional services include the customization and implementation of each brand based on the needs of each client.

Determined to meet the highest expectations, we seek to improve productivity and increase revenues, making our team available to ensure the success of each project.

We also provide consulting services for events or leaks of information in your organization.


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